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Security Systems – What they used to be

Not too long ago, getting a Security System installed in your home was quite an ordeal. Depending on the system you got, an Alarm Panel had to be installed in your home, a bunch or wires had to be run to various areas in your home for motion sensors, contact sensors, etc. Once the system was installed, you then had to subscribe to a monitoring service to monitor your security system for you, often at a pretty hefty price-tag somewhere in the $40-100 a month range with a 2-5 year contract. Granted, several of the security companies out there would give you the equipment for “free”, but their hefty price-tag ensured that they definitely didn’t lose money.

Smart Security Systems – The better option

Nowadays, getting a security system is a lot easier. Not only are there several completely wireless systems on the market, several of the systems out there do not have a hefty monthly price-tag attached to them. This does mean that you typically end up paying a little more up-front as you will have to actually pay for the equipment, but you’ll definitely end up with a much lower overall price tag as monthly rates are in the $7-15 range and there are no multi-year contracts required.

Ring Security Systems

Treasure Valley Solutions uses Ring Security Systems to provide that extra security for your home and office. Each Ring Security System contains an base station, a keypad and a range extender, combined with contact and motion sensors. You typically need a contact sensor for each external door and window that opens in your home/office to ensure complete coverage of your home/office. In addition to that, one or more motion sensors to cover areas like your garage, living area and other spaces that you want some extra protection for. Besides these basic options, there are additional sensors available as well, such as:

  • Flood & Freeze Sensor
  • Smoke & CO Listener
  • Panic Button
  • Dome Siren

In addition, each Ring Security System also integrates well with other Ring products, such as Video Doorbells, Cameras, etc. You can automatically have your cameras start recording as soon as your alarm is triggered to ensure that video footage is available for the authorities, etc.


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