New Integration Available for Brilliant Smart Home Control

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Smart Home Control, Smart Home Products, Smart Lighting, Smart Plug

TP-Link Kasa

Brilliant Smart Home Control now integrate with TP-Link Kasa products. This means that you can now control TP-Link Kasa switches, smart light bulbs and plugs from the Brilliant Smart Home Control. You can turn on/off lights, change colors, dim lights, turn on/off plugged in appliances, create lighting scenes and much, much more.The Brilliant Control allows you to integrate all your TP-Link Kasa products in automation sequences and scenes.

For example:

  • Turn on your coffee maker in the morning that’s plugged into a TP-Link Kasa Plug when the “Good morning” scene activates to get that coffee brewing.
  • Change the color of your color light bulbs to your favorite sports team color(s) when you activate the “Football Time” scene.
  • Turn on your nightstand lamps with TP-Link Kasa Light Bulbs when you walk into your bedroom when the Brilliant Smart Home Control detects motion.

These are just a few examples of what this new integration makes possible.

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